Can I claim interest on unpaid invoices?



Unpaid or outstanding invoices can rob valuable capital that may be better used for business expansion and opportunities.

Credit & Collection

Unpaid or outstanding invoices can be a major source of problem for businesses of all kinds. Not only can these cause a cash flow shortage but they can rob valuable capital that may be better used for business expansion and opportunities.

We have helped many businesses solve their credit and collection problems. Unlike most, we adopt a global perspective to credit and collection problems and provide an enterprise solution. Our approach is preventive, effective and minimizes costs. Taking legal proceedings against debtors is costly and should be the last resort when dealing with unpaid and outstanding invoices.

Our credit and collection systems and solutions are tried and proven. They start when a client begins to do business with your company and follows him throughout the relationship with your business.

Our solutions start off with a global overview of your credit and collection procedures. Amazingly, we have found that most businesses do not have a clearly implemented procedures to deal with credit collection issues and some do not have any at all!

We then work with you to develop credit collection policies and procedures that are tailored to your business including, a customized sales agreement that protects you and maximizes your chances of getting paid. Our solutions work and dramatically reduce credit and collection problems. Should there be no option but to take proceedings to get paid, we offer you a cost effective legal solution that focuses on results.

If you are having problems with collecting your invoices, we can help you. Don't let credit and collection issues stand in the way of your business

Expertise & Services We Offer

We can help you set up an efficient credit and collection system. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Counselling clients in regards to credit and the collection of accounts;
  • Implementation of credit collection policies, procedures and systems;
  • Drafting of services and sales agreements and account opening agreements;
  • Drafting and sending of demand letters requesting payment;
  • Taking of legal proceedings to collect your outstanding invoices;
  • Offering tailored credit collection solutions for collecting accounts at a set fee or on a percentage basis.

We Can Help You

If you are having problems getting paid for your goods or services, we can help you.  We can offer advice and counsel and provide the solutions you need for your business.

Our services encompass all areas of business law and our areas of expertise include the following:

Did you know? Our legal FAQ provides answers to your legal questions and informative legal articles.

Our online Legal Solutions & Packages provide a professional and cost effective solution for numerous legal matters such as the incorporation of a company, the collection of unpaid invoices or filing of a trademark.

We have compiled a selection of business legal forms, agreements and letters which we are offering for free download.

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