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We ensure that our clients are strategically positioned and in a winning position.


We have a reputation for providing effective, cost efficient and winning solutions for our clients in matters involving litigation.

Litigation is often a necessary part of doing business and at times, judicious use of litigation may prove beneficial or necessary to further our clients' interests.

At all times we work with our clients to reduce the risk of litigation, but if litigation becomes inevitable, we ensure that our clients are strategically positioned and in a winning position.

When we must litigate, our objective is to win. We do not however lose sight of the fact that litigation should always be a means to accomplish an objective and not become the objective in itself. In all litigation files, we consider and keep in mind alternate methods of conflict resolution and will consider and recommend a negotiated solution if it is beneficial to our client.

Most importantly, we are practical and business minded in the solutions that we propose to our clients in matters involving litigation. A point of law may prove very interesting to debate on a theoretical and academic aspect but if it is uneconomical to do so it is of no use to our client. We don't forget that profits and expense reduction are what drives business and matters in the end.

Expertise & Services We Offer

We can assist you in all matters involving commercial litigation. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Litigation before the Court of Quebec, Superior Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal (for plaintiffs and defendants);
  • Commercial litigation;
  • Civil litigation;
  • Hidden defects;
  • Bankruptcy representation and litigation;
  • Seizures before judgement;
  • Injunctions and injunctive relief;
  • Shareholder disputes;
  • Securities litigation;
  • Mortgage and hypothecs foreclosures proceedings for property and real estate.

We Can Help You

If you require representation in litigation matters, we can help you.  We can offer advice and counsel and provide the solutions you need for your business.

Our services encompass all areas of business law and our areas of expertise include the following:

Did you know? Our legal FAQ provides answers to your legal questions and informative legal articles.

Our online Legal Solutions & Packages provide a professional and cost effective solution for numerous legal matters such as the incorporation of a company, the collection of unpaid invoices or filing of a trademark.

We have compiled a selection of business legal forms, agreements and letters which we are offering for free download.

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