What are the advantages of a federally incorporated company versus a provincially incorporated company?



Our firm has been providing incorporation services since 1991 and we have incorporated hundreds of businesses.

Corporate Law

In business, the corporation is the most often used form of business structure as it can provide a very effective means of limiting the commercial risk that is inherent in any business venture.

If you are in business, chances are that sooner or later you will need assistance in legal matters.

In addition to this, an incorporation is much more versatile for tax planning purposes than a registered business and it can be effectively used to reduce and defer income taxes.

It is therefore no surprise that this form of legal structure is so widely used in business.

Our firm has been providing incorporation services since 1991 and we have incorporated hundreds of businesses.

Incorporating a business goes much further than filling out a few forms and many legal issues need to be considered. As lawyers we possess the expertise, training and knowledge to assist you in incorporating your business and assisting you in all areas of corporate law.

When incorporating a company, we look ahead to anticipate the future needs of your business, such as financing, so that we can structure it in a way to facilitate its growth and prosperity.

In addition to incorporations, we also offer a wide variety of corporate legal services ranging from the upkeep of your corporate minute books, to ensuring compliance of your company with provincial and federal legislation and, if needed, providing you with registered offices for your business.

Expertise & Services We Offer

We can assist you in all areas of corporate law. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Incorporating a business;
  • Choosing a corporate name and protecting your corporate name by means of a trademark;
  • Providing advice and structuring the share capital of your company to facilitate the future growth and needs of your company;
  • Drafting and filing of articles of amendment for your company to change its corporate name or amend its share structure;
  • Filing the required forms to effect a change of directors, officers or the registered office of your company;
  • Drafting of the annual minutes and assemblies required to ensure compliance of your company with the provincial and federal legislation;
  • Drafting of resolutions and by-laws including banking resolutions, borrowing by-laws and dividend declaration;
  • Drafting and negotiating of shareholder agreements;
  • Merger and dissolution of companies;
  • Setting up of risk minimization and tax planning corporate structures;
  • Incorporation and setting up of holding companies for tax and estate planning purposes;
  • Advising you in regards to corporate tax planning and implementing corporate reorganisations to maximize tax savings;
  • Representing you in commercial litigation and defending your interests;

We Can Help You

If you are in business or looking to start a business we can help you.  We can offer advice and counsel and provide the solutions you need for your business.

Our services encompass all areas of business law and our areas of expertise include the following:

Did you know? Our legal FAQ provides answers to your legal questions and informative legal articles. These are some of the frequently asked questions:

Our online Legal Solutions & Packages provide a professional and cost effective solution for numerous legal matters such as the incorporation of a company, the collection of unpaid invoices or filing of a trademark.

We have compiled a selection of business legal forms, agreements and letters which we are offering for free download.

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